our passion

At bauman+ sons, we have a passion for high quality, hand built wood furniture.  You know, wood so beautiful, glowing with natural luster, that you just can't help reach out and touch it.  A table that draws you to it.  Furniture that is hand-made, each build resulting in a one of a kind heirloom piece.  

And this passion is one that runs generations deep. Our family crest, depicting a man carrying a tree and an axe, translates to man who is going to build something from the tree. 

As a family run business honoring this heritage, bauman+ sons is named after  Georg Bauman,  who landed in Pennsylvania (at that time, the Province of Philadelphia, still an English colony) from Germany in the 1750's.  Georg was naturalized in Philadelphia in 1765 before making his way down to Virginia and settling in Augusta county, just across the mountain from where we are today.  Soon after, his name was modified to George Bowman, my great, great, great, great, (add a few more greats) grandfather.  You can still visit his home, relocated from Timberville, VA (yes, TIMBER ville) to the Frontier Museum in Stanton, VA.  A home he built from trees he and his sons cut down with an axe.

So rest assured, you're going to love your new artisan furniture from bauman + sons.  And, like me, you'll want to reach out and caress that glowing wood top, lounge in your hand-built chair that almost qualifies as a work of art, enjoy the beauty of your desk, and spend time with your family around these quality, custom built heirloom pieces.  

George wouldn't have it any other way.

 Eric Overman + Family

founder, bauman + sons